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Our goal is to capture the "living history" of the craft, the technology and the dedicated people who make the trains run.

It’s about capturing the grand spectacle of iron horses roaming the mountains, canyons, valleys and small towns that decorate the beautiful countryside. It’s the thunder of big diesels tackling the heavy grade, the unblinking beam of a headlight drawing toward the distant green. No matter the hour, weather or the season, trains must roll and so do our cameras. Whether you enjoy the adventure of traveling thousands of miles to great railfan locations or simply like watching trains go by, it is my intention to take the thrill of being there and place it on the screen. I sincerely hope you enjoy these programs.

Aaron Bentsen
7idea Productions


Aaron on location in Afton Canyon (Photo courtesy Marc Fournier)
Aaron on location in Afton Canyon, CA while filming "Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision" in March of 2018. (Photo courtesy Marc Fournier)

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