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Aaron Bentsen filming on location, Afton Canyon, CA
Filming on location in Afton Canyon for "Union Pacific's Cima Sub." (Marc Fournier Photo)


Hello! I am Aaron Bentsen, photographer and voice behind all the programs you see in our store. I started my professional career as a radio announcer working various markets around Oregon. I founded 7idea Productions to fulfill a dream of making railroad related videos. So with the support of my wife, a little bit of money and a whole lot of prayer, our first film Union Pacific’s Cascade Sub Part 1 was released in early 2007. People often ask me where the name 7idea came from. Back when I was seven, I carried around a tape recorder and pretended to work for a news network. I started each program with “this is a 7idea presentation.” Decades later when I put together the opening sequence of our first film, the same words appeared on the screen.

When you buy a 7idea Productions DVD or Blu-ray, you are supporting an American family. I handle the production side, while my wife  Karie takes care of orders and balances the books. Our two enthusiastic kids (ages 14 and 10) love to help with production and are amazed that these videos ship all over the world. We have nearly 50 titles available with many more in the works as our library continues to grow. To me, this isn’t work. It’s just plain fun! Therefore I put a lot of effort into each program with the goal of creating something you will want to watch again and again. All DVDs are glass mastered and professionally replicated just like your favorite Hollywood DVDs. Currently our Hi-Definition Blu-rays are replicated in house with special attention to quality control. Many of our programs are also available as a Digital Download thanks for Vimeo on Demand. The picture is really incredible on HD and 4K TV's, not to mention your favorite mobile device!

I am continually amazed by the positive reviews I receive by phone, email and on the website. Thank you for your support!


On Location Nipton, CA
Aaron waves to the crew of the UP 7270 west at Nipton, CA while filming "Union Pacific's Cima Sub" in 2018. (Marc Fournier photo)

Aaron poses while filming during the Train Mountain 2012 Triennial.
Aaron poses while filming during the Train Mountain 2012 Triennial. (Marc Fournier photo)

Meet the crew!
Clayton, Marc Fournier, Haley, Karie and Aaron at the 7idea booth during the 2018 Triennial. (Matthew Innes Photo)

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